Ultimately, any great creative is a servant to the idea. Egos disappear, collaboration happens, and the work becomes the main focus. But, this mindset also creates some obstacles, too—particularly when it means you have to produce 1,000 songs for Coca-Cola, at any cost. There are only a few people in the world who’ve faced this very specific problem and Noel Cottrell is one of them.

If there’s one thing every filmmaker needs more of, it’s time. More time to craft the scene, more time to shape the story. But a longer run time can also mean more challenges. Which is what filmmaker and branded content veteran Dan DiFelice discovered after being tapped to direct a new spot for Volvo titled, appropriately, Long Distance.

“There’s no hiding behind half-realized characters when you’re shooting longer form pieces,” says Dan.

When it comes to content, general agency wisdom says that in order for a commercial to be effective, the product has to be shown within the first three seconds. They think this way because dozens of studies about the science of marketing have trained them to. They believe that if you haven’t blatantly connected the consumer to
More than mere flourishes or eye candy, visual effects have become an essential part of our moviegoing histories. The space battles in Star Wars. Bullet time in The Matrix. These weren’t just milestones for the industry; they were unforgettable moments in our lives. There’s a reason we call these effects special. Over the years and as the cost of pulling them