Art, in its purest form, isn’t born from chasing metrics. It’s born from a deeply personal place of reflection and introspection—from being honest about your point of view and the way you see the world. It’s important to know that in today’s oversaturated media-landscape, consumers are constantly being fed an algorithm of ads, and they’re smart enough to sniff out the bullshit.

Behind the Work is a series by Filmsupply that brings you lessons from leading creatives where they share essential techniques they bring to their work. All shot from their own homes or studios, Behind the Work brings you an entirely new set of skill sets that you can put into practice to grow in your craft. In the second episode of Behind the Work, we sat down with Golriz Lucina, Co-Founder and Head of Creative at SoulPancake — the creative agency behind series like Kid President, Science of Happiness and more. 

The team at Evolve never partially commits to a project—and apparently, neither does Pearl Jam. They recently collaborated on the band’s latest music video for the song “Dance of the Clairvoyants”, and the project didn’t stay simple for long.