Jonny Mass and Edward Khoma of Abandon Visuals believe that someday enough will be enough. Someday the resolution of digital cameras will reach a state of perfection. But while we might not be there yet, we are well on our way. And with RED’s latest innovation, the 8K HELIUM S35 sensor, we’ve never been closer. To test
To Those Who Doubt is a short film shot in ultra slow-motion and set almost entirely underwater. A passion project by the talented team at Evolve, it contains some of the most striking underwater footage we’ve ever seen. The film was so technically challenging, the script (a charge to overcome uncertainty and jump off high platforms)
In addition to deeper characters and long-form narratives, today’s golden age of television has brought with it some true artistry in the form of title sequences. Gone are the days of actors smiling at the camera during the credits, intercut with clips from the show. In fact, the filmmakers at visual effects studio The Mill
The democratization of VFX is now in full effect. Where once the creation of high-end visual effects took millions of dollars, hundreds of staff, and access to proprietary equipment, it now requires nothing but a laptop, a few free online tutorials, and a lot of imagination. Case in point: Convolv (a.k.a. Zach Zombek), a one-man