They say the devil is in the details. Well, the magic is there too. That’s what Andrew Finch discovered during the 4-year process of making his space-disaster masterpiece, Others Will Follow. “I always like to get as close to reality as I can,” Andrew told us, while explaining the obsessive lengths he went to when making
When it comes to content, general agency wisdom says that in order for a commercial to be effective, the product has to be shown within the first three seconds. They think this way because dozens of studies about the science of marketing have trained them to. They believe that if you haven’t blatantly connected the consumer to
It seems like there’s no end to the number of beautiful films being made right now. But maybe there should be. At least according to Salomon Ligthelm, a filmmaker who, for years, obsessed over beauty himself. Well, not anymore. “I’m so fatigued by it,” Salomon told us. “I think it’s because I’ve made so much of
Rogue Films’ latest commercial for Virgin Fibre, “Delivering Awesome,” is a breakneck joyride through a fiber optic cable, featuring a mash-up of every character and character type you can imagine. Cowboys. Superheroes. Dandies. Dames. Rather than relying entirely on computer graphics to create this beautiful, surrealistic spot, director Sam Brown did things the old-fashioned way:
At the center of Neighborhood Film Company’s The Cage — the first in our Filmsupply Films series — there is a recurring metaphor of a young man trying to break free of the seemingly malevolent vines that threaten to smother him. A young man fighting against nature. His nature, maybe. Or the nature of the place where he’s from.