Cinematographer and Technical Director Christopher Webb has been shooting design-driven work drawing from multiple disciplines for over a decade. Together with founding partner, Graceann Dorse, Chris has built a studio to focus on this work full time. FX WRX specializes in cinematographic effects magic that derives from in-camera shooting. Their work has garnered multiple Promax Broadcast Design Global Excellence Awards and an Emmy. 

Filmmaking can be a messy process. But, according to Spencer MacDonald, sometimes that’s the point, especially when it comes to the interaction between editing and directing: “I always felt like it’s impossible for me to separate the two,” Spencer told us. “For me, making a film or anything of that nature is a whole web.

There seems to be a disconnect between what we see as art and what we actually watch. Is it a coincidence that Marvel’s films get billions in revenue, while award-winning indie dramas barely break even? Revenue is no indication of quality, but it does indicate overall appeal. Perhaps a more important question is: Do they need to be mutually exclusive? Ryan Connolly doesn’t think so.

This year’s Young Director Awards have been announced at Cannes Lions and our filmmakers have taken home four trophies! Voyager won Gold with The Unbelievers: Burnell Cotlon, Jared Knecht won Silver with I Got This, Joris Debeij won Silver with Perfectly Normal, and TwinTaoers won Silver with Sleep Well My Baby, which was one of our Filmsupply Presents films!