Introducing Filmsupply Films

Since we started Filmsupply, we’ve had the privilege of getting an inside view into the work of some of the most talented filmmakers in the world. And during that time we’ve noticed something. The projects that move us the most — the projects we consistently find the most interesting, the most exciting, the most devastating, the most shareworthy — are also the most in danger of going unrecognized: passion projects. And that’s why we’re starting Filmsupply Films a series of exclusive, original films created by our revolutionary filmmakers. We want to celebrate their incredible talent and make sure these films get all the attention they deserve.

Passion projects have always been close to our hearts, if for no other reason than the fact that Filmsupply was built on the footage of passion projects. Every clip in our library is the product of a world-class filmmaker’s personal vision and inspiration. Our filmmakers pour their hearts and souls into these projects, and we’re thrilled to give these incredible films a platform to reach the largest audience possible.

We set out to revolutionize stock footage when we launched, and Films is a natural step forward, continuing to push the industry. All the footage from each Filmsupply Films will be available to license as soon as the film is released — not only pushing the boundaries of stock footage, but also furthering the careers of our filmmakers.

Filmsupply Films is a chance for our filmmakers to push their storytelling limits, which is why we’re so excited to release the first of the series, The Cage, a passion project from Neighborhood Film Company. This film is director Ricky Staub’s foray into directing for visual effects and his first time working with nonactors.

The Cage is a tribute to second chances, to the profound transformation that can come from one kid deciding to walk toward the good, even when society has labeled him the opposite,” Ricky told us. “The cast of this film — people from my own neighborhood in North Philly — are very connected to the vulnerability and suffering at the heart of the film. They were so present and so honest. They had an almost childlike playfulness about getting into character.”

To see The Cage in its entirety, go behind the scenes, and license the footage click below. And be on the lookout for more Filmsupply Films in the near future.

Our diverse range of films showcases the talents of skilled filmmakers and storytellers from around the globe. With an array of genres, themes, and styles, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect footage or clip to elevate your work.

Our collection includes the following remarkable films:

  • Sweet William by Brooks Reynolds
  • You Were My Home by The Fold
  • Freedom by Joe Simon
  • Nothing Remains by Alex Cook
  • Time by Max Larruy
  • Ghosts of the Arctic by Abraham Joffe ACS
  • Sisters by Sidney Unga
  • Everything Has a Feeling by Joe Simon
  • Trust Me by Samuel Cutler-Kreutz
  • Kherou by Marko Roth
  • Lure of the North by Goh Iromoto
  • The Flats by Jake Oleson
  • Echeb’al by Ernesto Abrego
  • Unseen by Joris Debeij
  • One More Giant Leap by Jedediah Thunell
  • Being A Director by Max Larruy
  • Dark At Sea by Paul Theodoroff
  • The Crack by Marko Roth
  • We Aren’t Strangers by Andrew De Zen
  • Where We Dwell by Todd Martin
  • The Limit of Love by Ross Allen
  • The Encounter by Marko Roth
  • Sleep Well, My Baby by Taos
  • The Cage by Neighborhood Film Company
  • The World Within by Chris Leclerc
  • Run Like a Mother by Sidney Unga
  • Dear Enemy by Friends & Fellows
  • Stories We Tell Ourselves by Andrew De Zen
  • Welcome Home by Gear Seven
  • Rouba’s Manifesto by Already Alive
  • Make It by Ashkan Memarian
  • Defiance by Yury Sharov
  • Night Owls by Jiajie Yu Yan
  • Scarecrow by Jake Viramontez
  • The Wall by Andrew De Zen

We invite all video professionals to explore our extensive collection and discover the perfect film to elevate your creative projects. Try our footage out and experience the difference that exceptional quality can make.