The Future of Stock Is Here: Experience the New Filmsupply

From the start, Filmsupply has been challenging the stock footage industry. With our vast catalogue of award-winning footage, shot by world-class directors, we’ve given creatives the world over access to license footage that is not available anywhere else. Taking stock footage to the next level was the first step. Now, we’ve done the same with our website—hosting an unmatched level of footage, trusted by the biggest agencies, brands, and creatives in the world, all on a site of the same caliber. We’ve ushered in a new era of stock with a top-to-bottom site overhaul, built on an entirely new code base, and packed with features both new and revamped—amounting to our biggest product update ever. Here are some of the biggest updates you’ll see:

Immersive Browsing Experience

Our simplified browsing experience and search engine sets the tone. You can quickly find footage with our intuitive search engine and hyper-specific filtering options. And as a bonus, each time you revisit the site, your browse history will be incorporated into your logged-in homepage, making search results that much more efficient.

Keyword Search
When you search a keyword, the results page will display not only the footage you searched for, but also Curated Collections with relevant footage. You can even “quick view” the Collection by clicking the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner.

Related Footage
We now display relevant/related clips on the same page. Just select a clip and scroll down for clips from the same shoots, scenes, or of similar aesthetics/tags. This helps you find more options based on what you’re searching for faster than ever.

Shoots & Scenes
Want to build a story from the ground up? We’ve added the option to view all footage that features the same talent from a given clip, in various locations, through Shoots & Scenes.

Light/Dark Mode
With the all-new Filmsupply, you can now toggle between light/dark modes to match your aesthetic preferences. To select a mode, click your profile icon in the top right corner of the site.

Hyper-Specific Footage Filters

Your time is better spent creating than searching for clips, so we added even more to our list of intuitive filters. This includes filters like “includes” and “excludes”—allowing you to narrow your search results while being incredibly accurate. To make repeat searching even more efficient, you can save all of your preferred filters and apply them next time you search on Filmsupply.

Consolidated Checkout

We’ve consolidated the purchase flow into a simplified, one-page checkout. When you’re licensing clips for multiple uses, we now group them together for clarity at a glance.

Wishlists are now Projects

One smaller change: what we previously called “Wishlists” are now “My Projects”. They’re located in the same place, and work exactly the same way—allowing you to compile and quickly share your clip selections.With the revamped Filmsupply, a new era of footage licensing has truly arrived. See for yourself how we’ve evolved the stock footage licensing experience on