Go Further Behind the Work With Season 2: In-depth Studies on the Art of Filmmaking for Brands

Behind the Work is a series that lives at the intersection of advertising and film, and pulls the curtain back to give you a firsthand look into the creative processes behind branded content and ads. Each episode is an opportunity to dive deeper into what makes these projects truly great—the challenges faced, the detail you didn’t notice in the final cut, and above all, the grit and resilience it takes to create brilliant work.

To reach the top of the creative world, being a student of the industry is essentially a mandate. No matter if you’re a seasoned pro, or just starting to lay the foundation for a career, there are infinite opportunities to learn from your peers, as well as those who’ve already scaled the proverbial mountain.

This was the driving force behind launching Season 1 of Behind the Work last year—to give creatives the opportunity to sharpen their skills while navigating the unfamiliar world of working in quarantine. Covering everything from developing original content to the nuances of sound design, each episode offered in-depth lessons on the essential techniques of industry-leading directors, editors, producers, writers, and more.

After wrapping Season 1, we felt we had to share more of what we’d learned in the conversations. So we compiled additional interviews with CCO’s, Emmy Award-winning producers, and more, into a magazine; further shifting the focus towards the application of fundamental techniques and skills to real projects.

While season one was shot entirely from the offices and homes of the people we heard from, Season 2 pulls the curtain back on the creative processes that precede the films, spotlighting the grit and resilience it takes to reach those heights.[one_whole centered_text=”true” animation=”none” delay=””]

In episode one, we’re starting on top of the world, taking you to Mt. Everest with the team behind The North Face’s pulse-pounding documentary film, ‘Lhotse’. With only two weeks to acclimate to the highest altitudes on Earth, director Dutch Simpson boldly took on the challenge to capture skiers Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison’s first-ever descent of Everest’s Lhotse peak—on skis. Their story highlights the physical, logistical, and strategic demands of shooting a film when the stakes—literally—could not be higher.

Later this season, we’ll go behind Oakley’s PRIZM campaign for their exclusive on-field partnership with the NFL. You’ll hear how the team at Stept Studios developed a campaign that put viewers in the eyes of superstars Patrick Mahomes, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Derwin James. We’ll also speak with the creatives behind YETI’s film ‘Anchor Point’, as they break down how they took a different approach to the brand’s ethos, while capturing the immense gravity of having a world-famous father in Townes Van Zandt—as told by his son, JT Van Zandt.

Stay tuned for more info on the rest of season 2—you won’t want to miss what we have in store. Where the world only sees the final cut, you’ll see the sleepless nights, re-working, fine-tuning, and leg work that went into getting there.

So, follow us on this journey with Season 2 of Behind the Work. We believe you’ll feel more inspired, informed, and better equipped to reach those heights with your own work.

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