Enter Filmsupply's annual 30-day editing competition for your chance to win a share of $65K in prizes.

Announcing Filmsupply Editfest 2023

Enter Filmsupply's annual 30-day editing competition for your chance to win a share of $65K in prizes and feedback from…
Footage storage and security

How the Film Industry Protects Its Footage Today: Storage and Security

Unveil the intriguing process of safeguarding and storing footage from films.
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The Ultimate Guide to Exporting Professional-Quality Videos

Use these step to export high-quality videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.
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How to Cut the Perfect Film Trailer

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How to Craft Title Sequences That Captivate Your Audience

Explore the importance of good film title sequence design, and learn how to craft one that will captivate any audience.
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How to Create a Mess-Free Timeline and Streamline Footage Logging

Footage logging is a crucial step in the editing process and when done correctly, streamlines post-production.
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For Creatives, Scarcity Is an Opportunity

As budget cuts become more frequent, make your work stand out. Listen to your customers, shift your message as needed,…
Editing a film

From Assembly to Picture Lock – Rough Cut, Fine Cut, and Final Cut

We take a deep dive into the stages of the post production process so you can stay organized and create…
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Montage as an Advanced Technique to Make Your Films Stand Out

Get a comprehensive overview of the art of montage in film, including the different types of montage, elements of a…
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The Power of Motion in an Edit With “Cut on Action”

We'll take a look at challenges involved in executing the cutting on action technique, the importance of timing and the…