Expand Your Audience

By leveraging our platform and collaborating with our network of partners, we're able to expand the reach of your film to a unique, targeted audience and help you generate income simultaneously through footage licensing.

The Right Audience

Film studios, ad agencies, tv shows, production companies, and more. Filmsupply has earned the trust and viewership of the best in the industry.

Increased Exposure

We coordinate exclusive and non exclusive film features with opportunities for custom tailored distribution and marketing plans.

Revenue Potential

Through licensing footage from each film, Filmsupply helps generate income to recoup production costs or fund your next passion project.


Our curatorial team hand-selects every film to provide our audience with the best content — that's also available for licensing.

Submit Your Film


  • For any film you submit, you must secure all necessary legal rights, licenses, and releases (including, but not limited to, music licenses and talent releases) that would allow your film to be displayed, hosted, played, or posted on Filmsupply’s website and social media channels.
  • If accepted, your film will be uploaded to Filmsupply’s Vimeo channel and be embedded on its own page on Filmsupply Films.
  • The majority of the footage from the film will be available for licensing on Filmsupply.
  • Filmsupply may choose to include the film or other assets related to the film (such as stills, video excerpts, “behind the scenes” photos, or trailers) on one or more of Filmsupply’ other media channels at Filmsupply’s sole discretion; including, but not limited to, youtube, instagram, facebook, or twitter.
  • Films will be accepted even if they have already premiered online, however, Filmsupply does give preference and additional potential marketing exposure to Films that have yet to premier publicly online.
  • Films cannot be removed from Filmsupply Films unless (a) there is a legal obligation due to a violation of a law or copyright infringement or (b) the Filmmaker involved has terminated their representation agreement with Filmsupply.

Film Details