At a foundational level, editors are specialists in what feels right. We’ve had countless conversations with post-production professionals who all say similar things like, “You have to go with your gut” or “It just needs to feel right.” Editors are trained in the art of operating at a subliminal level and drawing it up to the surface.

“We all watch TV. We’ve all watched tens of thousands of hours of footage and videos,” Editor Alex Morrison told us. “After a while, your mind starts to get used to what looks nice and feels good. Editing is more about understanding what feels good, knowing why, and then making it happen.”

And knowing why may be the biggest differentiator between an editor and a great editor. In his work with Stept Studios on an Oakley spot announcing their partnership with the NFL, Alex had to dive deeply into small moments that paid off big, moments that had to feel right to the viewer without them even noticing. It’s a tricky business, one that Alex has learned firsthand.