Filmsupply Films: ‘Fukuro’ by Mindcastle

Mindcastle’s latest experimental film — and the second installment of our Filmsupply Films series — is a testament to the power of creative improvisation and whim. Shot in two contrasting locations (an abandoned swimming pool and a Japanese supermarket), Fukuro captures a freestyle breakdancer’s spontaneous choreography, as she is transported back and forth through an analog TV.

The film is kinetic. Energetic. And decidedly off the cuff — not only because of the subject matter, but also the way the production came about. Piggybacking off of a commercial project, co-directors Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger saw an opportunity when they met dancer Jessica Hu, and decided to try something new. This film is a reminder that creative inspiration can come from anywhere, including other creative projects.

“We were going to do something as simple as a photo shoot. Then Jessica asked if we’d be interested in doing a one-take film. It evolved from there. And by ‘evolved’ I mean it got more complicated.” Danielle told us.

The resulting film is short, but not short on style and panache. What Danielle and Casey accomplished is both in-your-face and hypnotic at once, an enthralling encapsulation of what dance can do. Here’s Fukuro.We’re so excited to continue our Filmsupply Films series. If our first two entries show anything, it’s that we’re going showcase a diverse range of projects that all have something in common — brilliant filmmaking. Follow our Filmsupply Films Vimeo channel to see each release.