When pressed to explain the surprise success of Alan Alda’s 1981 comedy-drama The Four Seasons — which debuted amid a heavy-hitting summer lineup featuring 007, Superman, and King Arthur — a studio executive allegedly dismissed the slice-of-life tale as a ‘non-recurring phenomena.’ As if by its very uniqueness, the film didn’t merit further consideration. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case. In recent years, sleeper hits defying easy pigeonholing have become increasingly common, earning considerable accolades in the process.

“I don’t do nine-to-five.” Mikkel declared to us. “I’m not the usual editor. If I sign on, it becomes ‘The Project’. Every day, even weekends. That gives me the time to try different things, peeling away until I find the balance and simplicity that lets us talk to the audience.”

Nielsen is as dedicated to the project as he is his craft. Having already amassed significant credits with Madame Bovary and Beasts of No Nation, Nielsen was recently awarded a BAFTA for his work on Sound of Metal, as well as winning a Critic’s Choice award for best editing. And to top it all off, the film is currently nominated for a 2021 Academy Award for Best Picture.

Behind the Work is a series by Filmsupply that brings you lessons from leading creatives who share essential techniques they bring to their work. All shot from their own home or studio, Behind the Work brings you an entirely new set of skill sets you can put into practice to hone your craft. In the first episode of Behind the Work, Bruton Stroube Editor/Partner Lucas Harger shares how he practices his craft by translating poetry to different editing styles.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of the millions of people around the world who’s spending more time than usual inside. Luckily for editors, our work is generally not dependent on a specific location. If we have a computer and our brain, then we can work. But, that isn’t to say remote work is easy. 

The team at Evolve never partially commits to a project—and apparently, neither does Pearl Jam. They recently collaborated on the band’s latest music video for the song “Dance of the Clairvoyants”, and the project didn’t stay simple for long. 

As an editor, Michael helped bring television into the major leagues in the early 2000s, editing throughout the entirety of Six Feet Under and working on major projects like True Blood, Dexter, Homeland, The Leftovers, and much more. Most recently, he took on Amazon’s sweeping fantasy series Carnival Row.