A Congratulations to the Filmsupply Winners at Cannes Lions

We work with some very talented filmmakers. It’s something we don’t need to remind ourselves often, because we get the privilege to work with many of them on a regular basis. But it’s weeks like this that truly show how influential they are in our industry and for the craft of filmmaking as a whole.

Three of our filmmakers recently took home multiple awards at the prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. As most know, this isn’t something to take lightly and it’s a huge step forward in all of these talented filmmakers’ careers.

Ricky Staub, the founder of Neighborhood Film Company, took home a Gold Young Director award for his work on The Cage, our very first Filmsupply Original. If you haven’t had the chance to see his gripping portrait of a young man’s journey on the streets of Philadelphia, it’s definitely worth your time. Also, you can check out Musicbed’s interview with Ricky on Directing Nonactors.License this and other footage from Neighborhood Film Company here.

In yet another huge honor, filmmaker Bennett Johnson was given the Gold Lion award during the festival for his work on Foreign Fields’ music video for their song Hope Inside the Fire. This timely, heart wrenching, video highlights the struggles of the Sioux Tribe to defend sacred ground from the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Read Musicbed’s interview with Bennett here.You can license footage from Bennett Johnson here.

Salomon Ligthelm cleaned up at Cannes with three different awards for three different projects. He took home a Gold Young Director Award for his music video MEDICINE, a Silver Young Director Award for his short film Mr. Martyr, and a Silver Young Director Award for his Valvoline ad Never Idle.License Salomon Ligthelm’s footage here.

We’re so proud of all three of these incredible filmmakers, and can’t wait to see what projects they dream up next.

Bennett Johnson – Gold Lion

Hope Inside the Fire | Foreign Fields | All Expanded | 2017

Salomon Ligthelm – Gold Screen Young Director Award

MEDICINE | Salomon Ligthelm | Sypher – Sibling – Stink

Salomon Ligthelm – Silver Screen Young Director Award

Never Idle | Salomon Ligthelm | Variable – Stink Films

Salomon Ligthelm – Silver Screen Young Director Award

MR MARTYR | Salomon Ligthelm | Gang

Ricky Staub – Gold Screen Young Director Award

The Cage | Ricky Staub | Neighborhood Film Company