Filmsupply exists to empower the filmmaker.

Filmsupply Films exists to empower the film.

We believe the moving picture is the most powerful way to communicate in the world, and we exist to empower the filmmakers telling these stories. Practically, this means that we license footage to filmmakers, production companies, advertising agencies, and studios all over the world. We help them finish their films by finding them that perfect clip. We fill gaps in their timelines, and polish that last 1% that has to be perfect before it ships.

However, when we set out to start a licensing company, we knew we wanted to do it differently. We were not just going to sell stock footage, we were going to represent the most creative filmmakers in the world. We are proud to represent every filmmaker on the Filmsupply roster, and we are impacted daily by their work and creativity.

Each film selected for Filmsupply Films has been hand picked by our curatorial team. They are meant to inspire, challenge, and empower us to not only be better creatives, but better humans.